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A better experience on the water.

Lilypad is a solar powered boat designed to share. With room for six, Lilypad is unlike any other boating experience. Together, you can cruise the waterways at a leisurely pace, dip in and out of small coves, and share discoveries along the way.

Easy carbon-free boating.

Lilypad provides a boating experience powered only by the sun! With nothing to plug in, and nothing to fill-up, Lilypad is an affordable and sustainable way to spend time on the water.  Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the epicenter of EV technology (and great lakes) - Michigan!

Powered up
and ready to go.

Whether at dock or underway, Lilypad's solar panels are soaking up the sun and keeping you cruising.  After sunset, enjoy up to three hours of twilight serenity.

Less intimidating, more fun!

Incredibly maneuverable and easy to use, Lilypad is a unique, hassle-free way to enjoy your time on the water. Whether you’re a first-time boater, or a seasoned sailor, you’ll find Lilypad’s fingertip controls simple and intuitive - letting you stay in the moment with family and friends.

A new kind of social boating.

Designed to bring people together on the water, Lilypad is quiet, comfortable, and pro-social. Modeled after your favorite outdoor café, Lilypad is appointed with all the details to make your time on the water relaxed: soft sofa-like lounges and a coffee table with plenty of room for drinks and snacks.  Say goodbye to noise and fumes!

Relaxed simplicity.

Solar panels slide open to reveal a clean interior that’s perfect for entertaining and spending quality time together!

Always charged
always connected.

All systems can be monitored remotely using an intuitive fleet management app.  Lilypad is ready to go when you are!

Technical details


Aluminum catamaran hull designed to minimize boat wake
Length Closed
15 feet
Length Open
23 feet
8.2 feet
Occupant Capacity
6 adults
Boat Weight
1490 pounds

Propulsion System

Twin electric
Reclaimed LiFePO4 EV cells
Solar Panels
1640w monocrystalline array
Full telematics system with LTE and GPS
Control System
Digital closed loop with intuitive user interface (autonomous ready)


Cruising Speed
5 mph
Daytime Range
Runtime in Darkness
Approximately 3 hours (extended range battery available)

Additional Features

Integrated Bluetooth audio system
Swim ladder with safety motor stop function
Electric bilge pumps
Navigation and ambient lighting
Integrated cupholders

More smiles per hour!

We believe boating should be fun and stress-free for everyone involved. That’s why we designed Lilypad to be simple, reliable, and easy to use!

Latest news

Announcing Lilypad’s 2024 Michigan Solar Boat Rental Locations
April 4, 2024

Experience pristine fresh water with a Lilypad Michigan solar boat rental. Sustainable solar boating is available in 2024 on Elk Lake, Traverse City’s Boardman River, Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck/Douglas, and Gull Lake Marine in South Haven. Book your social Lilypad solar boat experience!

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March 12, 2024

Unlocking the Value of Fresh Water: Lilypad’s Mission in the Great Lakes Blue Economy The Value of Fresh Water While Michigan is home to more freshwater shoreline than any other state in the U.S., it has over 11,000 inland lakes, tens of thousands of miles of rivers and streams, and several thousand miles of water […]

Behind the Scenes: A Michigan Solar Boat Manufacturer
January 31, 2024

Solar power has the potential to revolutionize recreational boating, and Michigan solar boat manufacturer Lilypad Labs Inc. stands at the forefront of this transformation.

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