Lilypad is a solar boat designed to share. With room for six, Lilypad is unlike any other boating experience. Together, you can cruise the waterways at a leisurely pace, dip in and out of small coves, and share discoveries along the way


Kick back and relax.

Easy to rent and easy to use, Lilypad is a unique, hassle-free way to enjoy your time on the water. Whether you are a first-time boater or a seasoned sailor, you’ll find Lilypad’s fingertip controls are simple and intuitive that let you stay in the moment with family and friends.  


“What’s that you say?”

Designed to bring people together on the water, Lilypad’s “Whisper Drive” is just that: quiet, agile maneuverability that allows you to use your inside voice, well, outside! Modeled after your favorite outdoor café, Lilypad is appointed with all the details to make your time on the water relaxed: soft sofa-like lounges, comfy pillows and a coffee table for plenty of room for drinks and snacks.  


No-fuss and guilt-free.

Lilypad provides a boating experience powered only by the sun! With nothing to plug in, and nothing to fill up, Lilypad is self-contained, sustainable, and an environmentally clean way to get on the water and enjoy boating.  


Ready to go.

Whether at dock or underway, Lilypad's solar panels are soaking up the sun; keeping you cruising.


Relaxed simplicity.

solar panels slide opes to reveal a clean interior ready to socialize.

The sharable solar boat.

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