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Experience Saugatuck /Douglas

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The Lilypad experience is available at the Red Dock in Saugatuck/Douglas. Enjoy time on the Kalamazoo River with family and friends today.

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Safe Harbor at Red Dock

219 N Union St, Douglas, MI 49406


Electric Boats


Kalamazoo Lake - Douglas, MI
6 Passengers
3 hp  •  23 ft

Lilypad has a variety of locations, times, and prices.  Click on the Book Now button above to see all the options.

Lilypad was designed for the 1st time or novice boater.  Our simple to use controller allows for intuitive point and steer directional control.  We are also able to move in any direction (full 360 degrees), forward, backward, and sideways to allow for extreme mobility in tight clearance.  This helps take the stress out of docking.

The Kalamazoo River is primarily a no-wake area, Lilypad’s are optimized for slow boating, ease of operation, and social connections. We designed Lilypad as a “Café Table on Water”.  Our top speed is 5 MPH. 

You may bring your own alcohol, coolers, food, etc.  All state of Michigan laws relating to the consumption of alcohol on boats apply.

No.  We are not designed for towing.  All our social activities are in the cabin. Find other boats to rent in the Saugatuck/Douglas area HERE.

Unfortunately, No.  Saugatuck and Douglas feature a beautiful channel, river, and inland lake that you can quietly explore.  All Lilypad’s are silent, carbon free, and 100% solar powered.  We will go over a map and show you exactly where to go; expect a lot of attention if you choose to travel down the river channel…Lilypad’s are unique and eye catching.

No swimming is allowed due to the difficulty of entering Lilypad from the water

Lilypad has an excellent integrated Bluetooth audio system you can enjoy at no charge during your ride.  You can simply pair your mobile device and enjoy the tunes.  We can help set you up at the dock.

You will receive a refund for inclement weather cancellations ONLY, and we 100% make the call.  We recognize it’s not fun to be on a boat in the rain and we will never put you on the water in hazardous conditions.  There are no refunds if it’s just cloudy and cool, Lilypad’s are great with a sweatshirt and blanket, it’s Michigan.

There are NO refunds for cancellations that are not due to rain, but we are willing to work with you to rebook an appointment. 

Lilypad is pet friendly; the Lilypad ownership team has a literal Dr. Doolittle Farm of pets.  However, Lilypad is small, so keep that in mind and please be considerate and bring a towel to protect our seats.  Also, you will be responsible for cleaning any mess or damage that may occur.

Yes, Lilypad is a nice stable platform with wide access for fishing.

Yes, we have life jackets in all sizes, infants to adults.  Lilypad’s are fully equipped with all the required safety gear.  We will review all of this with you at the dock.

There is a large parking lot with plenty of parking at the Union Street Red Dock location…and it's free!

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