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Examples of Lilypad's fingertip control agility.

Lilypad Zero Wake

Lilypad Zero Wake

Lilypad Side Step

Lilypad Zero Turn

product specifications


  • Aluminum catamaran hull

  • Length:  15.5' (closed), 23.5' (open)

  • Width:  8.5'

  • 12" draft

  • 1,250 lbs dry weight

propulsion system

  • Twin electric propulsion system

  • 1650W solar array 

  • 2000Wh LiFePO4 battery (expandable)

  • 5 mph cruise speed

  • Endless run time on solar

  • Up to 12 hour on battery reserve


  • Room for up to six passengers

  • Black locust wood floors

  • 2 bench sofas

  • Wood coffee table

  • Bluetooth audio system

  • USB charging

pilot assist

  • Fingertip controls

  • Omni directional  steering

  • Zero turn maneuverability

  • Side step docking assist

  • Virtual anchor

  • Boundary assist

  • Auto route assist

integrated technology

  • Telematics module with cloud connectivity

  • GPS Tracking

  • Remote data logging and diagnostics

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